Friday, October 23, 2009


Nowadays, it's mostly famous for that road sign:-

But what most people don't realise, as they sweep past in their motor cars pondering on the enigmatic sign, is that not only was there once a ferry but that there was also once a railway terminus at Stromeferry.

Let's clear one thing up first: "Stromeferry" (one word) is the name of a village which still exists. "Strome Ferry" (two words) was the name of a car ferry crossing over the narrows of Loch Carron from said village which ceased to exist in 1970. So to those who say that an entire generation has grown up since the ferry was discontinued and don't need to be told it no longer exists, I would agree. It was always totally illogical to put up a sign to something which no longer existed. Any new sign should point simply to the village of Stromeferry (one word).

In subsequent posts, I'll tell you about the railway terminus and the car ferry, neither of which exist any longer, at Stromeferry, down through the trees by the shore of Loch Carron, left at the enigmatic sign ...


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  2. From Twitter: @SusanGuest Someone used my photo (without asking) http://exceptthekylesandwes.... And for the record I have been to the village...

  3. GreenGordon - I don't do Twitter but if you do can you pass on to Susan Guest my apologies and say that I thought it was OK to use her photo so long as I linked through to her original Flickr photostream as I had done. As you can see, I've taken Susan's photo down and replaced it with another one (also linked).