Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm feeling very chuffed to have been nominated for the Scotblogs Awards 2010. Whoever it was who nominated me (and, although it's allowed, it wasn't me), thanks very much. As there are 142 nominations, I don't suppose I'm likely to win but the very fact of being nominated is inspiration to keep writing new entries - I've been a bit remiss lately due to having been away from home over the Christmas and New Year period.

Unfortunately, my favourite Scottish blog - Life at the End of the Road by Paul Camilli who writes about his life working as a ferryman and crofter on the island of Raasay hasn't been nominated (mysteriously, as I gather Paul has a huge following, and I only discovered the awards after nominations had closed or else I would have nominated him) so instead my vote has gone to ClydeSights by John Newth. John also works on a car ferry, this time the Western Ferries between Gourock and Hunter's Quay, and takes his camera to work with him and writes about the various ships which pass his ferry on their way up and down the Clyde.

And apropos of nothing but purely to get a gratuitous picture into this post, here's an image of an early 30s MacBrayne's poster with artwork by Tom Gilfillan which I saw advertised on eBay the other day:-

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