Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm very chuffed, not to say astonished, to have won third place in the "hyperlocal blogs" section of the Scotblogs Awards 2010!

Thanks to everyone who voted and, indeed, thanks to everyone who reads. Do leave a comment (which is what bloggers - even award winning ones like me! - like best) if you enjoy what you read or - perhaps more to the point - if you don't and/or with any suggestions for future postings (not that I'm short of ideas!).

Thanks again,



  1. Dear Award-winner - Can you do a post on the Flying Scotsman for my Dad?

    PS I voted for you.

  2. Well done Neil, and well deserved.

  3. Many congratulations on winning the virtual bronze medal Neil. Well deserved award for your research, photos both here and on Flickr plus your writings with the occasional injections of dry humour.

    Roy (aka Blà Bheinn)