Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This is just a quick post to draw attention to the masses of superb hi-res coastal aerial photography on of which the photo above of Lochmaddy Pier is an example.

If you click through to that link, you can see that the views are categorised under ten headings (Marinas, Harbors, etc.) Under each heading there is a list of countries so go to the UK where Scotland is very well represented. I found the most interesting category to be Ferries although the photos tend to be of piers ferries call at rather than actual ships. But there's good stuff in the other categories as well so it's worth looking at all of them because photos of one place obviously taken on the same occasion are divided between the categories according to the focus of the picture. It would perhaps have been more sensible to digest the photos simply according to place rather than topic but it's hardly a chore to browse all of them.


The photos aren't particularly new - for example, they show the "Streaker" class ferries at Rothesay which were replaced 10 years ago and I think that was before drones were on the go so I guess the pictures must have been taken from helicopters. But that's not a complaint either.

From the Lighthouses section, Eilean Glas Light, Scalpay
I was like a kid in a sweetie shop with these pictures and it was difficult to choose highlights to illustrate this post with. So lay an hour aside to enjoy all of them - here's the link again  

Gylen Castle, Kerrera

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